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No Fluff Just Stuff and CANI

May 2nd, 2012 No comments

I attended another great NFJS conference this weekend. This was the first year where I would say that mobile development was one of the leading topic areas. Surprisingly, there wasn’t a single Grails presentation, though Grails was mentioned by several presenters. It seems to have slipped into the area of “we’ll assume you are using Grails if you can since it makes your life much easier” category for now.

In any case, mobile dev was the focus of or was mentioned in 8 of the 11 sessions I attended. The design pattern of implementing REST APIs for your server apps and using a lightweight, MVC javascript library like Backbone or Spine for your front end tied into this. You can use the REST APIs as a service for native mobile apps along with the web apps, and the small size of the JS libraries works well for the limited memory and bandwidth of mobile browsers. Nathaniel Schutta’s JavaScript Libraries You Aren’t Using…Yet presentation is a great overview of some of the most popular libraries.

I must say that the body parts theme is getting a bit out of hand. Besides backbone and spine, there are the templating libraries mustache and handlebars. Walmart has developed backbone extensions called thorax and lumbar. Since CoffeScript is also a part of this mix, I thought I should take this whole clever name scheme to the next level -

I hereby announce the CANIjs library – Caffeinated Nerve Impulses ™. I don’t know what it’s going to do yet, but as soon as the jitters where off, I’ll think about it. Probably something to do with eventing (nerves, signals, events, etc). I do know that if you use it in the wrong way, everyone will say “That’s un-cani.”

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