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Corrections to Grails Documentation

September 5th, 2009 No comments

Here are two quick tips for anyone working with Grails 1.1.1:

1) The User Guide has conflicting info about cascading persistence.   Section says “The default cascading behaviour is to cascade saves and updates, but not deletes unless a belongsTo is also specified.” Section 5.3.3 says, “If you do not define belongsTo then no cascades will happen and you will have to manually save each object.”

The former,, is correct. Create and Update actions are cascaded for one-to-many relations. However, hey are not cascaded for one-to-one relations.

2) Section 9.1 (Unit Testing) demonstrates how to pass in a list to the mockDomain(clazz, instanceList) call.  It then says that you can check that list to verify that persistence actions behaved as expected.  This is no longer correct.  The list is copied inside the mockDomain call.  To get access to the list of persisted objects for a class, use the MockUtils.TEST_INSTANCES map with the class name as the key.  For example:

def testInstances = []
mockDomain(Item, testInstances)
def i = new Item(name:"foo").save()
assertEquals 0, testInstances.size()
testInstances = MockUtils.TEST_INSTANCES[Item]
assertEquals 1, testInstances.size()

And in case you try the same thing as me, the mocking behavior does not support cascades.